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CloudflareHomestead & Cloudflare (245)Homestead vs. Cloudflare
ApacheHomestead & Apache (14)Homestead vs. Apache
NginxHomestead & Nginx (14)Homestead vs. Nginx
Windows ServerHomestead & Windows Server (3)Homestead vs. Windows Server
Microsoft ASP.NETHomestead & Microsoft ASP.NET (3)Homestead vs. Microsoft ASP.NET
IISHomestead & IIS (3)Homestead vs. IIS
Google Hosted LibrariesHomestead & Google Hosted Libraries (2)Homestead vs. Google Hosted Libraries
UbuntuHomestead & Ubuntu (1)Homestead vs. Ubuntu
PHPHomestead & PHP (1)Homestead vs. PHP
jQuery CDNHomestead & jQuery CDN (1)Homestead vs. jQuery CDN
LiteSpeedHomestead & LiteSpeed (1)Homestead vs. LiteSpeed

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A CMS will sometimes include a meta tag within the html of each page. This is usually a "generator" tag like <meta name="generator" content="What CMS" /> but could also be "application-name", "Powered-By" or anyting else the CMS creators decide to use.

Dedicated Content Management System Detection