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URL Technologies Tech Report
kimhovell.comShopify, Cloudflare
aestherekme.comShopify, Cloudflare, jsDelivr, Google Hosted Libraries
www.accesoriosyllantas.comNone found
www.raleigh.co.uk/gb/en/Gatsby (5.13.6), Nginx (1.18.0)Tech Report
www.searchfoundpro.comNone found
mealsandmore.caNone found
webshop.gutz.fi/fi/loginPHP, Nginx (1.18.0), Ubuntu

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What is a CMS?

A Content Management System, or CMS, is a piece of software designed to help users create and edit websites. CMS functionality varies widely and can include much more than the basic features for managing text and image content. Some of the most popular systems help users design, track users, handle searches, collect visitor comments, host forums and much much more.

How Our Detections Work

We look at a variety of factors to determine which technologies a website is using. After fetching a webpage we begin looking for artifacts that were left behind by the underlying systems. In HTML, we look for things like <meta name="generator"> tags and common paths for images. We inspect for custom headers and common session names. In all, we check every page for thousands of possible artifacts before returning the results.

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