Three API's In One

Detect the technologies powering any website

API / Documentation

Detect the hosting provider for any website

API / Documentation

Detect which theme WordPress sites are using

API / Documentation


Batch Detections

Upload tens, hundreds or thousands of urls at a time and let our system sort through the detections

Getting Started

And you're done!

Batch Reports

When the batch is complete, our report will give you the following:

  • Downloadable results in CSV format including detailed information for each url incliding:
    • Detected content management system
    • Version of the detected CMS
    • Language of the page
    • The confidence level of our CMS detection
    • Subdomain, host name, top-level domain and path
  • A summary of content management systems detected
  • Interactive charts representing the detected content management systems, top level domains and languages of the processed pages

Example Report

Standard API

The standard API allows you to integrate our detection results in any web connected application.


curl -G \
--data-urlencode key="Your-api-key" \
--data-urlencode url=""
See the complete documentation for more information

Dedicated Content Management System Detection