Devisto is a next-generation website development platform to build, preview and deploy your next web project. With the power of Laravel, Livewire, and optionally Tailwind and Alpine.js, you can literally build anything.

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LaravelPHPAmazon Web Services


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TechnologiesTech Report (Websites)Compare
NginxShuttle & Nginx (99)Shuttle vs. Nginx
cdnjsShuttle & cdnjs (44)Shuttle vs. cdnjs
CloudflareShuttle & Cloudflare (44)Shuttle vs. Cloudflare
jsDelivrShuttle & jsDelivr (29)Shuttle vs. jsDelivr
UnpkgShuttle & Unpkg (14)Shuttle vs. Unpkg
jQuery CDNShuttle & jQuery CDN (2)Shuttle vs. jQuery CDN
Google Hosted LibrariesShuttle & Google Hosted Libraries (2)Shuttle vs. Google Hosted Libraries

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