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Market Share By Site Popularity

With a 4.369 increase since 2020-03-29, the detection rating for Laravel has improved the most amongst Most Popular Sites.

Alexa RankCMS RankMarket ShareMarket Share Change
Most Popular Sites < 1,000#610.02% 77.31%
Very Popular Sites < 10,000#49.486% 81.03%
Popular Sites < 100,000#46.970% 83.28%
Less Popular Sites < 1,000,000#43.839% 76.34%
All Sites#71.712% 45.08%

Market Share History

This chart shows the history of detected websites using Laravel.  
In the last 6 months, market share has increased 45.08% from 1.180% to 1.712%

Top Level Domains

Websites using Laravel were found on 238 top level domains

Top Level DomainsPercent
Commercial (.com)44.07%
Russia (.ru)2.572%
Organization (.org)2.511%
United Kingdom (.uk)2.477%
Netherlands (.nl)2.456%
Network (.net)2.440%
Australia (.au)2.096%
Germany (.de)2.019%
Brazil (.br)1.844%
Chile (.cl)1.738%
Poland (.pl)1.666%
Iran (.ir)1.237%
Indonesia (.id)1.207%
Romania (.ro)1.206%
Columbia (.co)1.142%
India (.in)1.103%
Belgium (.be)1.082%
Italy (.it)0.985%
Ukraine (.ua)0.954%
France (.fr)0.896%
Vietnam (.vn)0.851%
British Indian Ocean Territory (.io)0.829%
Austria (.at)0.762%
European Union (.eu)0.708%
Switzerland (.ch)0.620%
New Zealand (.nz)0.608%
Spain (.es)0.596%
Mexico (.mx)0.584%
Hungary (.hu)0.565%
Turkey (.tr)0.545%
Canada (.ca)0.498%
Lithuania (.lt)0.442%
Info (.info)0.419%
Slovakia (.sk)0.404%
Montenegro (.me)0.396%
Japan (.jp)0.390%
Czech Republic (.cz)0.388%
Taiwan (Republic of China) (.tw)0.381%
Kazakhstan (.kz)0.373%
Portugal (.pt)0.371%
Belarus (.by)0.370%
Argentina (.ar)0.340%
Bulgaria (.bg)0.334%
Sweden (.se)0.333%
Denmark (.dk)0.324%
Latvia (.lv)0.318%
Greece (.gr)0.312%
South Africa (.za)0.295%
Azerbaijan (.az)0.284%
Georgia (.ge)0.284%
Malaysia (.my)0.278%
Norway (.no)0.276%
Online (.online)0.274%
Morocco (.ma)0.267%
Peru (.pe)0.265%
Bangladesh (.bd)0.247%
Pakistan (.pk)0.245%
Nigeria (.ng)0.243%
Nepal (.np)0.238%
Saudi Arabia (.sa)0.232%
Tuvalu (.tv)0.220%
Uzbekistan (.uz)0.215%
Tanzania (.tz)0.211%
United Arab Emirates (.ae)0.210%
Serbia (.rs)0.204%
Philippines (.ph)0.198%
Pro (.pro)0.180%
Moldova (.md)0.179%
Kenya (.ke)0.175%
Croatia (.hr)0.169%
Thailand (.th)0.169%
Biz (.biz)0.167%
China (.cn)0.164%
Armenia (.am)0.163%
Slovenia (.si)0.162%
XYZ (.xyz)0.162%
Club (.club)0.159%
Finland (.fi)0.148%
Ireland (.ie)0.143%
Sri Lanka (.lk)0.139%
United States of America (.us)0.136%
Cocos (Keeling) Islands (.cc)0.131%
Singapore (.sg)0.127%
Estonia (.ee)0.114%
Bosnia and Herzegovina (.ba)0.113%
Site (.site)0.113%
Shop (.shop)0.108%
Hong Kong (.hk)0.105%
Mongolia (.mn)0.097%
Paraguay (.py)0.096%
Store (.store)0.092%
Tech (.tech)0.090%
Russia (Cyrillic) (.рф)0.090%
Education (.edu)0.089%
Live (.live)0.089%
Israel (.il)0.088%
Asia (.asia)0.085%
Anguilla (.ai)0.066%
Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia) (.mk)0.062%
Palestinian Territory, Occupied (.ps)0.060%
138 Others2.319%

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How We Detect Installations of Laravel


HTTP headers can provide some of the best clues about a site's CMS. The values of set-cookie and x-powered-by headers are the most common and easiest to find.

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