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TechnologiesTech Report (Websites)Compare
ApachePyro CMS & Apache (656)Pyro CMS vs. Apache
NginxPyro CMS & Nginx (334)Pyro CMS vs. Nginx
LiteSpeedPyro CMS & LiteSpeed (167)Pyro CMS vs. LiteSpeed
CloudflarePyro CMS & Cloudflare (166)Pyro CMS vs. Cloudflare
UbuntuPyro CMS & Ubuntu (94)Pyro CMS vs. Ubuntu
Google Hosted LibrariesPyro CMS & Google Hosted Libraries (70)Pyro CMS vs. Google Hosted Libraries
cdnjsPyro CMS & cdnjs (67)Pyro CMS vs. cdnjs
jsDelivrPyro CMS & jsDelivr (45)Pyro CMS vs. jsDelivr
jQuery CDNPyro CMS & jQuery CDN (25)Pyro CMS vs. jQuery CDN
CentOSPyro CMS & CentOS (19)Pyro CMS vs. CentOS
DebianPyro CMS & Debian (17)Pyro CMS vs. Debian

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HTTP headers can provide some of the best clues about a site's CMS. The values of set-cookie and x-powered-by headers are the most common and easiest to find.


If a CMS doesn't have meta tags, it will often have other uniquely identifiable html markup. This can range from unique html comments, ids or classes.

Dedicated Content Management System Detection