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Usage Statistics

Market Share

The market share for Eshop-rychle increased by 0.0001 percentage points (from % to 0.0001%) for top 1m sites, more than any other segment for the same time period.

Top 1K sitesTop 10K sitesTop 100K sitesTop 1M sitesAll Sites
Market Sharen/an/a
% Changen/an/an/a

Top Level Domains

Websites using Eshop-rychle were found on 9 top level domains

  • Czech Republic (.cz) (90.94%)
  • European Union (.eu) (4.263%)
  • Commercial (.com) (3.375%)
  • Network (.net) (0.533%)
  • Slovakia (.sk) (0.178%)
  • Top (.top) (0.178%)
  • Greece (.gr) (0.178%)
  • Congo, Democratic Republic of the (.cd) (0.178%)
  • Info (.info) (0.178%)

Related Technologies

Complementary Technologies

Nginx Web Server 563 Eshop-rychle vs. Nginx
PHP Programming Language 94 Eshop-rychle vs. PHP
Apache Web Server 13 Eshop-rychle vs. Apache
MySQL Database 8 Eshop-rychle vs. MySQL
WordPress Blog / CMS 7 Eshop-rychle vs. WordPress
Nette Framework Web Framework 4 Eshop-rychle vs. Nette Framework
Google Hosted Libraries CDN 3 Eshop-rychle vs. Google Hosted Libraries
Elementor Landing Page Builder / CMS 3 Eshop-rychle vs. Elementor
Cloudflare CDN 3 Eshop-rychle vs. Cloudflare
jQuery CDN CDN 2 Eshop-rychle vs. jQuery CDN
Microsoft Word Static Site Generator / Editor / CMS 2 Eshop-rychle vs. Microsoft Word

How We Detect Installations of Eshop-rychle


HTTP headers can provide some of the best clues about a site's CMS. The values of set-cookie and x-powered-by headers are the most common and easiest to find.


If a CMS doesn't have meta tags, it will often have other uniquely identifiable html markup. This can range from unique html comments, ids or classes.

Dedicated Content Management System Detection