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Market Share By Site Popularity

With a 0.067 increase since 2020-01-12, the detection rating for Vision has improved the most amongst Most Popular Sites.

Alexa RankCMS RankMarket ShareMarket Share Change
Most Popular Sites < 1,000#1360.164% 69.07%
Very Popular Sites < 10,000#1300.110% 50.68%
Popular Sites < 100,000#1900.021% 40%
Less Popular Sites < 1,000,000#1240.035% 150%
All Sites#2070.012% -14.29%

Market Share History

This chart shows the history of detected websites using Vision.  
In the last 6 months, market share has decreased 14.29% from 0.014% to 0.012%

Top Level Domains

Websites using Vision were found on 9 top level domains

Top Level DomainsPercent
Organization (.org)35.45%
Government (.gov)27.57%
Commercial (.com)24.66%
United States of America (.us)7.705%
Network (.net)2.226%
Education (.edu)1.027%
Canada (.ca)0.856%
Info (.info)0.342%
Biz (.biz)0.171%

Popular Sites Using Vision

We detected the following sites were using Vision

How We Detect Installations of Vision


If a CMS doesn't have meta tags, it will often have other uniquely identifiable html markup. This can range from unique html comments, ids or classes.


Similar to identifiable html markup, a CMS will sometimes insert unique Javascript code into web pages.

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