Vaadin is an open-source platform for modern web apps. It has a large library of components and an intuitive Java API. Works with Spring.

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NginxVaadin & Nginx (4)Vaadin vs. Nginx
ApacheVaadin & Apache (4)Vaadin vs. Apache
Windows ServerVaadin & Windows Server (3)Vaadin vs. Windows Server
IISVaadin & IIS (2)Vaadin vs. IIS
JavaServer PagesVaadin & JavaServer Pages (2)Vaadin vs. JavaServer Pages
CloudflareVaadin & Cloudflare (2)Vaadin vs. Cloudflare
JettyVaadin & Jetty (2)Vaadin vs. Jetty
cdnjsVaadin & cdnjs (1)Vaadin vs. cdnjs
UbuntuVaadin & Ubuntu (1)Vaadin vs. Ubuntu
LiferayVaadin & Liferay (1)Vaadin vs. Liferay
Java ServletVaadin & Java Servlet (1)Vaadin vs. Java Servlet

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