Smartstore is the leading open source commerce platform in the ASP.NET world, offering B2B, B2C as well as enterprise marketplace solutions.

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Windows ServerSmartStore.NET & Windows Server (344)SmartStore.NET vs. Windows Server
IISSmartStore.NET & IIS (344)SmartStore.NET vs. IIS
Smartstore Page BuilderSmartStore.NET & Smartstore Page Builder (57)SmartStore.NET vs. Smartstore Page Builder
CloudflareSmartStore.NET & Cloudflare (52)SmartStore.NET vs. Cloudflare
cdnjsSmartStore.NET & cdnjs (13)SmartStore.NET vs. cdnjs
jsDelivrSmartStore.NET & jsDelivr (11)SmartStore.NET vs. jsDelivr
UnpkgSmartStore.NET & Unpkg (6)SmartStore.NET vs. Unpkg
Microsoft WordSmartStore.NET & Microsoft Word (6)SmartStore.NET vs. Microsoft Word
ArvanCloudSmartStore.NET & ArvanCloud (3)SmartStore.NET vs. ArvanCloud
Google Hosted LibrariesSmartStore.NET & Google Hosted Libraries (3)SmartStore.NET vs. Google Hosted Libraries
KirbySmartStore.NET & Kirby (3)SmartStore.NET vs. Kirby

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How We Detect Installations of SmartStore.NET


A CMS will sometimes include a meta tag within the html of each page. This is usually a "generator" tag like <meta name="generator" content="What CMS" /> but could also be "application-name", "Powered-By" or anyting else the CMS creators decide to use.


HTTP headers can provide some of the best clues about a site's CMS. The values of set-cookie and x-powered-by headers are the most common and easiest to find.


In addition to detecting the CMS, in some cases we are able to accurately detect which version of the CMS is being used.

Dedicated Content Management System Detection