WiziShop is an innovative e-commerce solution for creating a professional online store. All inclusive offer. Free trial without obligation!

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TechnologiesTech Report (Websites)Compare
cdnjsWiziShop & cdnjs (293)WiziShop vs. cdnjs
CloudflareWiziShop & Cloudflare (293)WiziShop vs. Cloudflare
Google Hosted LibrariesWiziShop & Google Hosted Libraries (16)WiziShop vs. Google Hosted Libraries
PHPWiziShop & PHP (5)WiziShop vs. PHP
jQuery CDNWiziShop & jQuery CDN (3)WiziShop vs. jQuery CDN
MySQLWiziShop & MySQL (2)WiziShop vs. MySQL
WordPressWiziShop & WordPress (2)WiziShop vs. WordPress
jsDelivrWiziShop & jsDelivr (1)WiziShop vs. jsDelivr

How We Detect Installations of WiziShop


HTTP headers can provide some of the best clues about a site's CMS. The values of set-cookie and x-powered-by headers are the most common and easiest to find.

Dedicated Content Management System Detection