Image hosting and sharing software that allows you to get your own image hosting service. It's your hosting and your rules, say goodbye to the closures and restrictions.

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ApacheChevereto & Apache (363)Chevereto vs. Apache
NginxChevereto & Nginx (326)Chevereto vs. Nginx
CloudflareChevereto & Cloudflare (321)Chevereto vs. Cloudflare
LiteSpeedChevereto & LiteSpeed (97)Chevereto vs. LiteSpeed
UbuntuChevereto & Ubuntu (38)Chevereto vs. Ubuntu
CentOSChevereto & CentOS (19)Chevereto vs. CentOS
DebianChevereto & Debian (16)Chevereto vs. Debian
UNIXChevereto & UNIX (11)Chevereto vs. UNIX
CentminmodChevereto & Centminmod (9)Chevereto vs. Centminmod
TengineChevereto & Tengine (9)Chevereto vs. Tengine
Windows ServerChevereto & Windows Server (7)Chevereto vs. Windows Server

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A CMS will sometimes include a meta tag within the html of each page. This is usually a "generator" tag like <meta name="generator" content="What CMS" /> but could also be "application-name", "Powered-By" or anyting else the CMS creators decide to use.


If a CMS doesn't have meta tags, it will often have other uniquely identifiable html markup. This can range from unique html comments, ids or classes.


Similar to identifiable html markup, a CMS will sometimes insert unique Javascript code into web pages.


In addition to detecting the CMS, in some cases we are able to accurately detect which version of the CMS is being used.

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