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Market Share By Site Popularity

With a 0.028 percentage point decrease since 2020-01-12, the detection rating for SiteKreator has fallen the most amongst Less Popular Sites.

Alexa RankCMS RankMarket ShareMarket Share Change
Most Popular Sites < 1,000n/an/a0%
Very Popular Sites < 10,000n/an/a -100%
Popular Sites < 100,000#3780.002% 100%
Less Popular Sites < 1,000,000#3800.001% -96.55%
All Sites#1410.026% -10.34%

Market Share History

This chart shows the history of detected websites using SiteKreator.  
In the last 6 months, market share has decreased 10.34% from 0.029% to 0.026%

Top Level Domains

Websites using SiteKreator were found on 23 top level domains

Top Level DomainsPercent
Commercial (.com)45.03%
Austria (.at)10.95%
Canada (.ca)6.554%
United Kingdom (.uk)5.937%
Organization (.org)5.628%
Mexico (.mx)5.628%
Network (.net)4.318%
Brazil (.br)4.009%
New Zealand (.nz)2.930%
Slovenia (.si)2.853%
Australia (.au)1.696%
Columbia (.co)1.002%
Romania (.ro)0.925%
Chile (.cl)0.617%
France (.fr)0.386%
Greece (.gr)0.386%
Biz (.biz)0.231%
United States of America (.us)0.231%
Info (.info)0.231%
Club (.club)0.154%
European Union (.eu)0.154%
Ireland (.ie)0.077%
Dominican .Republic (.do)0.077%

Popular Sites Using SiteKreator

We detected the following sites were using SiteKreator

How We Detect Installations of SiteKreator


Similar to identifiable html markup, a CMS will sometimes insert unique Javascript code into web pages.

Let us know if you know how we can better detect SiteKreator

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