Seller equipment, e-commerce, order management, data sharingFor a truly unified commerce, the ideal is to use a single solution.

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PHPProximis & PHP (3)Proximis vs. PHP
MySQLProximis & MySQL (3)Proximis vs. MySQL
PrestaShopProximis & PrestaShop (3)Proximis vs. PrestaShop
jQuery CDNProximis & jQuery CDN (1)Proximis vs. jQuery CDN
Google Hosted LibrariesProximis & Google Hosted Libraries (1)Proximis vs. Google Hosted Libraries
cdnjsProximis & cdnjs (1)Proximis vs. cdnjs
CloudflareProximis & Cloudflare (1)Proximis vs. Cloudflare
UnpkgProximis & Unpkg (1)Proximis vs. Unpkg
OpenRestyProximis & OpenResty (1)Proximis vs. OpenResty
NginxProximis & Nginx (1)Proximis vs. Nginx
ApacheProximis & Apache (1)Proximis vs. Apache

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