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Market Share

The market share for HostedShop decreased by 0.002 percentage points (from 0.004% to 0.002%) for all sites, more than any other segment during the same period of time.

Market Sharen/an/an/a
% Changen/an/an/a
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Top Level Domains

Websites using HostedShop were found on 14 top level domains

  • Denmark (.dk) (84.56%)
  • Commercial (.com) (7.143%)
  • Sweden (.se) (1.843%)
  • Norway (.no) (1.613%)
  • European Union (.eu) (1.152%)
  • Niue (.nu) (0.922%)
  • Shop (.shop) (0.461%)
  • Germany (.de) (0.461%)
  • Spain (.es) (0.461%)
  • Network (.net) (0.461%)
  • Info (.info) (0.23%)
  • United Kingdom (.uk) (0.23%)
  • Finland (.fi) (0.23%)
  • France (.fr) (0.23%)

Related Technologies

Complementary Technologies

TechnologiesTech Report (Websites)Compare
NginxHostedShop & Nginx (437)HostedShop vs. Nginx
PHPHostedShop & PHP (435)HostedShop vs. PHP
Google Hosted LibrariesHostedShop & Google Hosted Libraries (6)HostedShop vs. Google Hosted Libraries
jsDelivrHostedShop & jsDelivr (3)HostedShop vs. jsDelivr
jQuery CDNHostedShop & jQuery CDN (3)HostedShop vs. jQuery CDN
ZendeskHostedShop & Zendesk (2)HostedShop vs. Zendesk
UbuntuHostedShop & Ubuntu (1)HostedShop vs. Ubuntu
cdnjsHostedShop & cdnjs (1)HostedShop vs. cdnjs
CloudflareHostedShop & Cloudflare (1)HostedShop vs. Cloudflare
UnpkgHostedShop & Unpkg (1)HostedShop vs. Unpkg

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A CMS will sometimes include a meta tag within the html of each page. This is usually a "generator" tag like <meta name="generator" content="What CMS" /> but could also be "application-name", "Powered-By" or anyting else the CMS creators decide to use.

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