An Open Source, community owned and governed, forever-free enterprise Linux distribution.

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Apache Web Server 1,130 AlmaLinux vs. Apache
PHP Programming Language 446 AlmaLinux vs. PHP
MySQL Database 126 AlmaLinux vs. MySQL
WordPress Blog / CMS 108 AlmaLinux vs. WordPress
Phusion Passenger Web Server 85 AlmaLinux vs. Phusion Passenger
cdnjs CDN 58 AlmaLinux vs. cdnjs
Cloudflare CDN 58 AlmaLinux vs. Cloudflare
Joomla Other CMS / CMS 30 AlmaLinux vs. Joomla
Google Hosted Libraries CDN 24 AlmaLinux vs. Google Hosted Libraries
WooCommerce E-commerce / CMS 18 AlmaLinux vs. WooCommerce
TYPO3 Other CMS / CMS 17 AlmaLinux vs. TYPO3


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