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PHP Programming Language 2 Wikispaces vs. PHP
Cloudflare CDN 2 Wikispaces vs. Cloudflare
cdnjs CDN 1 Wikispaces vs. cdnjs
Unpkg CDN 1 Wikispaces vs. Unpkg
Nginx Web Server 1 Wikispaces vs. Nginx
Drupal Other CMS / CMS 1 Wikispaces vs. Drupal

How We Detect Installations of Wikispaces


If a CMS doesn't have meta tags, it will often have other uniquely identifiable html markup. This can range from unique html comments, ids or classes.


Similar to identifiable html markup, a CMS will sometimes insert unique Javascript code into web pages.


Some content management systems also offer hosting. A website hosted on a CMS developer's domain is a dead giveaway.

Dedicated Content Management System Detection