Updated Batch Detections


Our batch detections have been the easiest and most scalable way to detect content management systems for a large set of urls since we introduced the service in January. And we just made them even better.

Our initial batch detection system allowed users to upload urls and our system would run behind the scenes to process all of them and email the user once they were done. It worked great, but since the detections were happening behind the scenes, users often weren't sure if anything was happening at all. Additionally, since we had one system for processing batches, if two or more users uploaded urls around the same time, results would be delayed for the user who uploaded their urls last.

Our new system solves all of these problems and automatically maximizes the detection rate for each user so their batches finish as quickly as possible. It works nearly identically to the previous system, with one additional step required from the user: clicking "Start". Yep, that's it.

We hope you like the additional control and usability of the new system. And if you haven't tried it out yet, you can sign up for an API account here.


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Dedicated Content Management System Detection