API Introduction


API development is going fast and we have the initial release ready for users. Check it out for details on how to sign up and query our server.

Developing an API


It looks like it might be time to develop an API for WhatCMS.org. There have been a few request from users and we've been seeing usage grow consistently where we now think an API would be benefit everyone. There's no timeline or details yet so stay tuned for more info.

Now With 225 Systems

We've been pushing over the past few days to add more content management system to our detection service. We now have 225 with more to come.

Perch Added to Detections

We just added detection methods for Perch. Detection rates and popular sites will be displayed updated on this page.

Up To 195 Systems

In our continued efforts to be the best CMS detection service available, we've added some more detections bringing our total to 195. With all these detection methods we've also been beefing up our quality control to make sure we're not giving you inaccurate results. Stay tuned for more improvements.

192 Systems

We've added a number of more detection methods and we're up to 192 systems. Still more to come!

CMS Added: Craft CMS

Not sure how Craft CMS escaped us for so long. It has a significant market share and we should have added it a long time ago.

CMS Added: E+ CMS

We just added detection methods for E+ CMS. E+ is another smaller content management system but appears to have a large enough user base to justify including in our detection methods.

CMS Added: Mintox

We just added another CMS to our system. Mintox bills itself as an Adaptive e-Business platform and doesn't appear to have a large user base yet but who knows what we'll find.

Updated Crawler and Second Server

We were noticing some CMS detections weren't working simply because we weren't getting responses from the site we were checking. After some digging around and debugging we came up with two solutions. The first was simple:  add a second server to increase our redundancy. The second solution was to fix a few http protocol bug/issues we found while we were debugging. We just implemented these changes so we don't have any significant numbers about improved detection rates yet but we're confident they will both make our service more reliable.

Dedicated Content Management System Detection