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How We Detect Content Management Systems

WhatCMS.org looks at a variety of factors within a webpage to determine what CMS a website is using.  We've developed algorithms for detecting all of the major CMS', but if you feel like we're missing one or if our algorithm is working well, let us know and we'll do our best to improve.

Keep in mind a website may use multiple CMS'.  Wordpress may be used as the primary CMS, while using vBulletin on a subdomain (forum.example.com) or subdirectory (example.com/forum). For this reason, you can enter any url in the form above to see what CMS is being used on a specific page.

See how we detect each CMS.

Dedicated Content Management System Detection


We have detection methods for 429 different content management systems and regularly update our algorithms.

CMS Focused

All of our development efforts are used for expanding and improving our CMS detection capabilities. Nothing else.


Nothing is 100% accurate, but our detection service is as good as they come and we're always making improvements.


It's not uncommon to find more than one CMS per domain which is why users can check any url. e.g. example.com, foo.example.com or example.com/bar

Easy to Use

Clear, uncluttered results and a free API make it easy to access our detection methods whether it's for an occassional lookup or integration into your own application.

Straight Forward

We believe in keeping things simple. If you want to know which Content Mangement System a site is using, you've come to the right place.