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RankTop Level DomainTotal DomainsPercent
26Sweden (.se)30.718%
27Site (.site)30.718%
28Tech (.tech)20.478%
29Czech Republic (.cz)20.478%
30Norway (.no)20.478%
31Vietnam (.vn)20.478%
32Greece (.gr)20.478%
33Romania (.ro)20.478%
34Club (.club)20.478%
35India (.in)20.478%
36Netherlands (.nl)20.478%
37Cocos (Keeling) Islands (.cc)20.478%
38United States of America (.us)20.478%
39Armenia (.am)10.239%
40Chile (.cl)10.239%
41Hong Kong (.hk)10.239%
42Japan (.jp)10.239%
43Samoa (.ws)10.239%
44XXX (.xxx)10.239%
45British Indian Ocean Territory (.io)10.239%
46Hungary (.hu)10.239%
47São Tomé and Príncipe (.st)10.239%
48Today (.today)10.239%
49Estonia (.ee)10.239%
50Space (.space)10.239%

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