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RankTop Level DomainTotal DomainsPercent
1Commercial (.com)16733.87%
2China (.cn)5410.95%
3Network (.net)367.302%
4XYZ (.xyz)224.462%
5Cocos (Keeling) Islands (.cc)214.260%
6Top (.top)214.260%
7Montenegro (.me)193.854%
8Organization (.org)142.840%
9Taiwan (Republic of China) (.tw)91.826%
10Club (.club)81.623%
11Columbia (.co)61.217%
12Hong Kong (.hk)51.014%
13Isle of Man (.im)30.609%
14India (.in)30.609%
15Site (.site)30.609%
16United States of America (.us)30.609%
17Tokelau (.tk)30.609%
18Central African Republic (.cf)20.406%
19South Georgia (.gs)20.406%
20One (.one)20.406%
21British Indian Ocean Territory (.io)20.406%
22Japan (.jp)10.203%
23Pro (.pro)10.203%
24Soviet Union (.su)10.203%
25Today (.today)10.203%

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