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RankTop Level DomainTotal DomainsPercent
1Commercial (.com)11048.46%
2Organization (.org)167.048%
3United Kingdom (.uk)73.084%
4Chile (.cl)62.643%
5Taiwan (Republic of China) (.tw)62.643%
6Indonesia (.id)62.643%
7Brazil (.br)52.203%
8Sweden (.se)52.203%
9Norway (.no)52.203%
10Columbia (.co)41.762%
11British Indian Ocean Territory (.io)41.762%
12Japan (.jp)31.322%
13Network (.net)31.322%
14Canada (.ca)31.322%
15Netherlands (.nl)31.322%
16Uzbekistan (.uz)20.881%
17United States of America (.us)20.881%
18Peru (.pe)20.881%
19One (.one)20.881%
20Info (.info)20.881%
21Australia (.au)10.441%
22India (.in)10.441%
23Bosnia and Herzegovina (.ba)10.441%
24Tuvalu (.tv)10.441%
25Life (.life)10.441%

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