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RankTop Level DomainTotal DomainsPercent
1Commercial (.com)39840.70%
2Germany (.de)18919.33%
3United Kingdom (.uk)929.407%
4Austria (.at)616.237%
5France (.fr)434.397%
6Spain (.es)363.681%
7Organization (.org)272.761%
8Network (.net)191.943%
9Mexico (.mx)181.840%
10European Union (.eu)90.920%
11Info (.info)70.716%
12Argentina (.ar)60.613%
13Columbia (.co)60.613%
14Italy (.it)50.511%
15Canada (.ca)40.409%
16Online (.online)40.409%
17United Arab Emirates (.ae)40.409%
18Ireland (.ie)20.204%
19Switzerland (.ch)20.204%
20Australia (.au)20.204%
21Guernsey (.gg)20.204%
22British Indian Ocean Territory (.io)20.204%
23Today (.today)10.102%
24Cuba (.cu)10.102%
25Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (.vc)10.102%

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