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RankTop Level DomainTotal DomainsPercent
26Switzerland (.ch)30.273%
27Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (.vc)30.273%
28Argentina (.ar)20.182%
29Federated States of Micronesia (.fm)20.182%
30One (.one)20.182%
31News (.news)20.182%
32Russia (.ru)20.182%
33Libya (.ly)20.182%
34Tuvalu (.tv)20.182%
35Serbia (.rs)20.182%
36Tech (.tech)20.182%
37United States of America (.us)20.182%
38Store (.store)20.182%
39Travel (.travel)20.182%
40Club (.club)20.182%
41Ukraine (.ua)10.091%
42Spain (.es)10.091%
43Germany (.de)10.091%
44South Africa (.za)10.091%
45Turkey (.tr)10.091%
46Brazil (.br)10.091%
47Qatar (.qa)10.091%
48Isle of Man (.im)10.091%
49Tonga (.to)10.091%
50Chile (.cl)10.091%

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