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RankTop Level DomainTotal DomainsPercent
26Taiwan (Republic of China) (.tw)40.236%
27Afghanistan (.af)30.177%
28France (.fr)30.177%
29Cocos (Keeling) Islands (.cc)30.177%
30Argentina (.ar)30.177%
31Isle of Man (.im)30.177%
32New Zealand (.nz)30.177%
33Switzerland (.ch)30.177%
34United States of America (.us)30.177%
35Tonga (.to)30.177%
36Russia (.ru)30.177%
37Saint Helena (.sh)30.177%
38Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (.vc)30.177%
39Online (.online)30.177%
40Club (.club)30.177%
41Ukraine (.ua)20.118%
42Spain (.es)20.118%
43Netherlands (.nl)20.118%
44Germany (.de)20.118%
45Federated States of Micronesia (.fm)20.118%
46One (.one)20.118%
47News (.news)20.118%
48Singapore (.sg)20.118%
49Libya (.ly)20.118%
50Today (.today)20.118%

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