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RankTop Level DomainTotal DomainsPercent
26United States of America (.us)180.270%
27Anguilla (.ai)160.240%
28Chile (.cl)160.240%
29Brazil (.br)140.210%
30Italy (.it)140.210%
31Saudi Arabia (.sa)140.210%
32New Zealand (.nz)130.195%
33Argentina (.ar)130.195%
34Iran (.ir)110.165%
35Norway (.no)100.150%
36South Africa (.za)100.150%
37Poland (.pl)100.150%
38Sweden (.se)100.150%
39Netherlands (.nl)100.150%
40Singapore (.sg)100.150%
41European Union (.eu)90.135%
42Turkey (.tr)90.135%
43Info (.info)90.135%
44Hong Kong (.hk)80.120%
45Vietnam (.vn)80.120%
46Federated States of Micronesia (.fm)80.120%
47Israel (.il)70.105%
48Guernsey (.gg)70.105%
49Cocos (Keeling) Islands (.cc)70.105%
50Thailand (.th)70.105%

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